Social media marketing has plenty of benefits. It can help get your brand recognized, build a more loyal following, and encourage customers to come back to your products and services. However, having an account on social media doesn’t automatically translate to success in this kind of marketing, especially when some social media sites have a word limit to abide by.

So how do you make the most of social media marketing? There are three strategies to keep in mind:

  1. Time your posts – A well-timed post can do better than several posts at random. This is why it is important to publish tweets, send emails, or update your Facebook status on the times when your audience is not busy. Your aim is to catch their attention while they are checking their news feed, preferably when they are more eager to click on links. There are a few minutes before or after an hour that has professionals glancing at their phones checking on what’s happening. You may also post on social media late in the afternoon or early in the evening while your audience is probably stuck in traffic on the commute home or enjoying a relaxing dinner. Posting on the weekends also generate more click-through activity. Does this mean you have to work on the weekends? No. You could use scheduling tools like Buffer and HootSuite for this.
  2. Use calls to action – Encourage your audience to do something about your post. A simple question added at the end of a post actually generates higher comment rates as opposed to a question placed anywhere else in the body. A photo should also be accompanied by something that makes the audience participate, like having them caption the photo or have a sentence about it be filled in by them. Promotions should also use catchy words like “winner,” “giveaway,” and “win” instead of “clearance,” “coupon,” and even “% off.” Giving people the motivation to follow you also works; provide prizes for when they do, and if not, give them behind-the-scenes and exclusive access.
  3. Take advantage of images – Images are your friends. They work better than videos, links, and texts when getting likes, comments, and click-throughs. However, you need to provide informative photos instead of just random stock images. Infographics and charts not needing explanation work better than photos needing caption.

It would require some effort and time to get social media marketing to work for you, but with a little bit of strategic thinking, you can make it work wonders. Just remember, before posting anything, make sure that you have your audience in mind. Ask yourself what they are doing, what would capture their interest, and how you could have them participate. Engaging your audience makes sure that they enjoy their stay and soon you’ll have plenty of new and repeat audiences, which in turn churns more revenue.